The Outlander Drinking Game


 Jeannie Hurley

August 2013

Directions: Pour yourself a tall glass of something (alcoholic or not) and watch Outlander on Starz faithfully. Cupcakes, chocolates, or other evil treats may be substituted if desired.

Please, dear #Outlanders, DRINK RESPONSIBLY.


 A word or phrase is said in Gaelic

 Someone makes the Scottish “mmmphmm” sound

 Someone says “och, aye”

 Jamie calls Claire “Sassenach”

 Claire calls Jamie or anyone else “Scottish bastard”

 Claire says “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”

 Claire finds a new use for a plant

 Someone makes a sexual innuendo

 Claire has to stitch or treat someone (minor)

 Jamie rides a horse

 Jamie has to evade the Red Coats (aka Royal Military, the “Government” troops)

 Claire takes a drink of an alcoholic beverage

Finish your drink when: 

 Jamie and Claire have sex

 Jamie gets into a fight to protect Claire

 Claire has to stitch up or treat Jamie

 Someone gets spanked/whipped

 Jamie has to leave home on the run

 Jamie gets into a swordfight

 Claire performs major surgery

Sláinte mhòr!

Contributed to by the gang at Outlander After Dark Facebook group.

34 thoughts on “The Outlander Drinking Game

    • Well, I’m thinking I would probably DVR it anyway… if only to keep watching the men in kilts over and over… And no says you have to have BIG glasses of alcohol… or STRONG drinks… 😉

  1. I have already subscribed to Starz. I am planning where to set up candles in my bedroom. I like your addition to my plans.

    • Thanks so much Theresa!! I love all of your recipes- and one of these days I’ll actually *make* something. 🙂 I’d love to cross promote, if you’d let me 🙂

    • LOL. Cherry Bounce! My mom bought some cherries… I still haven’t made my batch yet, maybe this weekend as a fun Labor Day project 🙂

  2. Little footnote; Scotland is also British, so Jamie would have a hard time ‘evading the British’.
    ‘Government troops’ would be more accurate as simply ‘the English’ wouldn’t be historically correct either,

  3. How ’bout we take a drink whenever Claire throws one back. You know, just so we get the way of it; and we’ll feel fortified/warmed/horny/relaxed right along with her.

  4. @Janet I like the way you think! I will have Hot totties made with Whisky Lemon & Honey ready to be fortified!

  5. Well, this is amazing. I may either be horribly drunk or have gained 10 lbs (from evil treats) at the end of every show…but, well worth it, aye?

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