The Caitriot and Heughligan Fight Song


Sam and Caitriona as Jamie and Claire, with artistic embellishment by LadyRaven

To the tune of “Gaudeamus Igitur”

Caitriots and Heughligans
We’ll take over Twitterland

Tweet us photos, tweet us quotes
If you don’t, we’ll make our own

We’ll support them day and night
Tweet to Gabs ‘till morning light

Caitriots and Heughligans unite
Caitriots and Heughligans unite…

Caitriots and Heughligans
Want to visit Scotland

Home of Jamie and of Claire
We know Scots hate underwear

Misty rains and Highland plaid
Claymores, swords won’t make us sad

We can’t wait for Spring to arrive
Let’s hope Twitter can survive.

– words by Jeannie Hurley (@benignnuts), melody – “Gaudeamus Igitur”

Want to hear me sing this? Click here


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