Chapter 5

1 With the arrival of “Our Claire,” Caitriona Balfe, the fan frenzy began anew.  Tobias Menzies had been cast to the dual roles of Claire’s husband, Frank Randall, as well as Jamie’s 18th century nemesis, Jonathan Wolverton Randall (aka “Black Jack”).  The casting of Menzies brought consternation to some because “Tobias is so cute, it’s going to be hard for me to hate Frank as much as I have!”

2 The faithful could also see that having a well-established actor such as Menzies cast as Frank meant that the character they had loved to hate for so long was going to require a second look. An actor as appealing as Menzies could serve to upset the balance of Team Jamie vs. Team Frank for years to come.

3 New York ComicCon took place in October of 2013 and provided fans with their first glimpse of Outlander – behind the scenes (BTS for short). At the STARZ exhibit, dioramas of sets were on display, as were pages from the script of the first episode.  A message went out from STARZ’s Outlander Facebook Page letting fans know that there would be an “Intimate afternoon with series Executive Producer, Ronald D. Moore and author Diana Gabaldon in New York City.”  All fans had to do was send an e-mail to the listed address.  Approximately 200 lucky fans (including your trusty Gospel-author) received invitations to the event.

4 As the day approached, the faithful grew more frantic, “They just started filming, but do you think Cait and Sam might show up?”  While Sam and Cait were not in attendance, the faithful were treated to an hour long talk/q&a by Diana and Ron.  Ron shared a “sizzle” video which showed some glimpses of rehearsals, sets, costumes and props. Clad in a dashing kilt, Ron and Diana shared their excitement for the project and were kind enough to answer fans’ questions.  At the end, the fans were treated to a quick clip of  Sam and Cait who were kind enough to record a video greeting to the fans in which Himself uttered the sacred word: Sassenach. The squeeing and screams could be heard three blocks away. There might also have been a slight earthquake as a few overly excited fans fell out of their seats. Luckily that was right before lunch, to which a bagpiper led the way.

5 The faithful were then allowed to meet both Ron & Diana, posing for photos & getting signatures. Parting gifts were signed paperback copies of Outlander and a tee shirt with the phrase “Real Men Wear Kilts” and “Outlander” on them.  The pictures and videos from this event lasted the faithful through the next few weeks. And then LA was announced



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