Chapter 3

1 Once Twitter had put itself back together after the momentous ANNOUNCEMENT, which also provided the name of the production company (Tall Ships); the US distributor (STARZ); and Executive Producers (Ronald D. Moore and Maril Davis); the speculation began. At the forefront of the minds of the faithful was the question “Who will play Jamie?”

2 This had been a question much debated throughout the ages as fans from around the world had argued their “fantasy cast” for the never-to-be-seen movie of Outlander.  As “The King of Men” and the “Book Boyfriend” to millions of women around the globe, from his inception, Jamie was a much-beloved figure.  So casting the perfect Jamie became the obsession for the Obsessanachs.

3 Facebook feeds were filled with pictures of Chris Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, James McAvoy and a host of other handsome Scottish figures with the caption “This is my Jamie.” Battles were fought, harsh words were spoken by many  as each tried to prove why her favorite actor would make the best Jamie.

4 Herself continued to tease the faithful with tweets, easing some of their agony with her “Daily Lines,” little snippets of passages from her upcoming book. The Twitter storm continued to swirl as directors were announced; public relations people made their presences known; and higher-ups in the STARZ and SONY food chains started reaching out to fans.

5 Then a clever fan noticed that Herself (who rarely “follows” anyone on Twitter) had followed a young actor by the name of Sam Heughan whose profile proclaimed that he was “Scot.ish”.   “Who is this guy?” “Why is Diana following him?”  And someone at STARZ “accidentally” let loose a tweet saying that Sam had been cast. Then Herself Tweeted

6 “I can’t confirm the contract is signed, but I saw the @heughan audition tapes. #jawdrop.”

7 That was enough for the faithful. Sam’s Twitter followers jumped in a matter of moments.  And then the confirmation that everyone was waiting for came on July 9, 2013. “I am UTTERLY delighted to confirm that Sam is cast as Jamie Fraser in (Twitter)

8 But with this confirmation came much consternation as well.  “How can he play Jamie? His hair isn’t the right color.”  “Is he tall enough?”  “Does he even speak with a Scottish accent?”  To which Herself replied “Pfffft.” Over and over again.

9 This wasn’t enough for some, however. And they persisted. “He’s not muscular enough.” “His hair isn’t long enough.” “His face is too young looking.”

10 But for others, Sam became the  object of much interest. “He’s in A Princess for Christmas. Must watch! That dance!”  “He’s a triathlete!” “He makes porridge for the crew on set!”

11 As the frenzy grew around the upcoming show, so did the desire for more casting news. And thus #Clairwatch2013 was born.



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