Chapter 2

Chapter 2

1 Months and weeks went by and the words spread. They reached the farthest corners of the earth and were met with great joy. Herself met with her agent and editors. They had determined that she would write three books. The news of this was met with great rejoicing among Herself’s followers.

2 For there were those who still communicated with Herself via Compuserve. There was still a community of writers and readers who had fallen in love with the words and taken them into their hearts.  The first group to formally align in honor and solidarity with Herself’s words became known as The Ladies of Lallybroch (

3 The Ladies were known to embrace Herself’s wit and sense of humor, supporting Her in hours of need or at that ultimate time of need known as “Final Frenzy.” From a plethora of toilet paper to feedback to words of encouragement, the Ladies were there to provide pillars of devotion upon which Herself could take her ease when the frenzy became too much.

4 Dragonfly in Amber and then Voyager followed quickly upon the heels of Outlander providing readers with almost 2000 pages of Herself’s magical words. Herself’s followers broke out into other sites and media to try to spread the word about the words.

5 The key phrase came when Herself’s editors realized that her story was incomplete at the end of Voyager. “I said I had more to tell. I didn’t say it would take me three books to tell it,” she said, her sweevil smile causing thrills to run down their backs.

Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, and A Breath of Snow and Ashes kept readers waiting with baited breath through the end of the century and into the dawn of the new.  Their favorite characters had moved from the romantic Scottish Highlands to the wilderness of the southern Colonies.

7 As the readers grew, so too did the characters, aging and marrying; having children and grandchildren. Readers could see idealized images of themselves or their loved ones in the characters created by Herself.

8 Again critics sought to undermine Herself’s already diminutive stature. “Why are there so many rapes in this series? I can’t read this.”  “Claire just wanted to get out of her marriage.” “How is this Jamie guy a Colonel? He’s a criminal.”

9 Again, she smiled and tossed her long, lustrous locks back over her shoulders. “Well, when you’ve done as many hours of research as I have, then you can complain,” she said, the soft, Southwest timbre of her voice belying the message.

10 “But when will we get to see this in the movies?” The question followed her everywhere.

“I’d like to read from my new book,” she would begin.

“But when is the movie coming out?” She would be interrupted.

“Welcome to the Highland Games. I’m honored to be here,” she would announce.

“But where’s the movie?” Would come the call.

“Congratulations on winning yet another award for your writing. When’s the movie coming out?”

11 And then the day arrived when Herself shared not only one, but two major announcements. It was June of 2013 at a trade conference’s fan event when she shared a sneak preview of her new novel Written in My Own Heart’s Blood with those in attendance, and announced: Sony Pictures, in conjunction with Tall Ship Productions and Starz will be releasing Outlander as a series in 2014.

12 Twitter exploded. And it was so very good.


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